Four-legged pets often become not just your friends, but also true family members! Why should they miss such an important event in your life as a wedding? How to make the four-legged friend harmoniously joined the celebration and did not cause any inconvenience to anyone, you will now find out!



Where can a pet be present?

At the invitation or Save the dates card

About your engagement can tell your favorite dog or cat - how can that not be the plot for more funnier pictures, which you can use to decorate wedding invitations with or Save the dates card? Another option - to draw on your invitations portraits of your beloved pets.



When the bride is getting ready

Allow the animal to stay near you in the morning - this may well turn out funny and touching photos. If the preparation takes place at your home, the pet will still spin under your feet and get to the photographer in the frame. If you decide to go to a hotel, you can take your pet with you - just specify in advance whether pets are allowed, even if it might be just outdoors.


On photoshoot

Photos with a four-legged member of the family are always sincere and filled with warmth. Fluffy rabbits, dogs with kind eyes, cats - your pet complements you, helps the photographer to reveal your characters on the new side. If you are happy owners of an exotic pet (parrot, python, owl), then you can create incredible thematic pictures! The main thing is to warn the photographer in advance that you are planning to take a pet for a photo shoot.




On the cake

Do not be afraid, we do not suggest you put your favorite dog on a cake and make it jump out from there)))))) But to make a figured topper on a cake with the three of you, pet is an original and touching idea. So you show that a four-legged friend is a full member of your family.


Important points!

Participation in your wedding is not only a joy, but also stress for the animal. Take into account the nature of the pet - if he likes to bark happily or aggressively protect you from strangers, at the wedding and him, and guests will be uncomfortable. The same applies to animals that are not used to being in a crowd of people or possess a shy nature.
A wedding is a solemn event, which means that your pet should look perfect, especially if you plan to be photographed with it. Before the wedding, bring your pet to a professional groomer, do not be too lazy to order a festive suit for him or a beautiful wreath of flowers.

Remember that your pet should not be hungry.
     Hire a special person who will follow and clean up after the animal - you will not have time for this.
     Think about who and when will bring the pet home after his participation in the wedding, or give him a special convenient place.
     If one of the guests has an allergy to animals, it is better to refuse to participate your pet in the celebration. Allergy is a serious disease with unpredictable consequences.