Have you been invited to a wedding, and you are racking your brains over what to give to the newlyweds? Well, if you read this article - the problem is solved)))) Here you will find 5 ideal gift options for the wedding - from traditional to creative, but always necessary and desired!



Do you think that money is "indecent"? This is not so long ago: all newlyweds will confirm to you that it is money that is their best gift. And that's why:

In choosing dishes and other items "for the home" it is wrong to rely on your own taste - still you will not guess.
Unfortunately, in our country it is not customary to make a whish-list of gifts for a wedding. Therefore, it is not uncommon for young people to get 2 coffee makers or 3 microwave ovens at once, and then sell them to Avito. (Here, by the way, remember the real case with the newlyweds from England: they received a gift of 27 toasters!) You hardly want to render such a disservice to your "newly married".)
It is possible that the newlyweds are planning a major purchase: the purchase of their own housing or car. As you know, in this case, any money will not be superfluous.
In fact, no one knows better than the newlyweds themselves what a new family really needs. Even if the donated money is planned to be spent on furniture or equipment, it will be much better if the newlyweds are chosen and will buy everything themselves.


If the option with the money is still not for you, give something really worthwhile. The desires of all are different, so the main secret is how not to be mistaken with the presentation - to present impressions, not things. For example, arrange a date for a newly married couple. As a rule, during the preparation for the wedding, the couple does not have much time to be alone - give them these moments!

Good options:

Hike in the SPA. Programs for "two" are distributed in SPA-salons. Such a gift will help to relax after a tense preparation for the wedding, cheer up and improve your well-being. You can go further and organize newlyweds whole weekends in the SPA-hotel - from such a gift it is simply impossible to refuse!

Entertaining number


You can give bright impressions without delay - right at the wedding! Color the program of the celebration by adding class artists or numbers to it. What can I order? Favorite music band of young or cover band, which will perform their favorite songs. Surprised guests illusionist or barman show. If the wedding program is planned for a waffle-buffet, it will be decorated with a performance by a violinist or saxophonist. If you want to involve in your "own" number of newlyweds, choose a soap bubble show, cryo show or drawing of sand paintings. And of course, everyone will be delighted with the beautiful fireworks that complete the holiday, or the fire show. However, the possibility of such entertainment must necessarily be agreed in advance with the site where it is planned to hold a wedding.


Perhaps the best option for a wedding gift after the money! Everyone loves traveling. But organizing the celebration, the newlyweds, of course, will be heavily spent. Very often, a couple faces a difficult choice: to celebrate a full-fledged wedding or simply to sign and then go on a trip. To solve this dilemma, the honeymoon (or at least a week) can be given by parents or guests. Preliminary try to find out where the newlyweds would like to go. If it does not work out - choose the most popular destinations (here it is better to consult with experienced travel agents). Keep in mind that vouchers are bought in advance, and ask the travel agency to produce a certificate that you will give to the young at the wedding - so that the gift is material. If you can not afford such a large present, you can "throw off" with other guests: this is an option for friends or relatives of the couple.