For many centuries, fashion has influenced different areas of our lives, without bypassing the wedding culture. If a few years ago weddings in our country were more like twin brothers with different hair colour and the same set of genes, now the influence of fashion on the design, style and even organization of the celebration becomes stronger. The wedding industry is in constant development and becomes of a stylish personalized celebration. But how to create a special wedding? How to choose the best from many ideas? Brides are asked these questions from year to year. If you are one of them, then this article is for you a storehouse of ideas that will (or have already become) actual trends at weddings.



Ideas, trends and principles that will become decisive in the new wedding season.


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Wedding is a holiday for anyone, but not for the newly-married couple. Today in the first place are not traditions, but your feelings, love and romance. If a couple of years ago, newlyweds on wedding photos were more fun and fooled, now photo sessions become tender and sensual: hugs, kisses, languid looks. Romance also is in the design of the wedding: "disheveled" bouquets with silk ribbons, pastel shades, lace and light fabrics. Most obvious romantic trend are expressed in the look of the bride: curls, casual beams, flowers in hair, "airy" skirt of the dress, long eyelashes ... Wedding is a holiday of love!

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The big weddings are no longer fashionable - it's a fact! If earlier the celebration was less than 50 guests, it was not even considered a wedding, but today a chamber holiday for 10-20 people no longer seems something out of the ordinary. The trend is due to both understandable economic reasons (a large wedding can not afford all the newlyweds), and the desire to make the holiday more personal. More and more couples invite only the closest, speaking in favor of the quality of the wedding, its unique atmosphere, and not the number of guests. The development of fashion for weddings abroad also helps to reduce the number of guests.




In the last couple of years the classic at weddings has not been held in high esteem - and now she is triumphantly returning! This is facilitated by a general trend of tenderness and restraint in the wedding fashion. In replace of colorful Boho, come light shades, strict contours, discreet luxury and elegance.




"Wedding in the greenhouse" - a hot trend in the overseas wedding fashion. Botanical - "green" style, inspired by wildlife and forest. Weddings in the style of Botanical look "overgrown" greens - sometimes up to recreating the natural scenery in the room.


Suspended installations

Wow-element of the decor, which looks very original and emphasizes the style of celebration. If earlier in the fashion there were separate pendant elements (flashlights, beads), today they turn into whole "shelves" and "chandeliers". There are many options for such installations: from modest (from greenery) to intolerably luxurious and even futuristic.



The trend, which appeared in the wedding printing industry a few years ago, still does not give up positions. Handwritten fonts look unique and luxurious - that is why calligraphy remains in vogue as the "holy of holies".

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Invitations from non-standard materials and with torn edges

In the past seasons, the first invitations on wood began to appear: the designers of polygraphy mastered new material. Unusual invitations have taken even more confident position. In comming years the choices of materials will significantly expand: fabric, plastic and even glass.
For fans of paper there was a trend - the ragged edges of printing. You can even make these invitations yourself: tear off the edges of the ruler and get the effect of naturalness and negligence.

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Coloured glass

Vases and glasses made of multi-coloured glass look unusual and diversify the serving. This is a very elegant way to unobtrusively support the palette of the wedding in the decoration and look of the table, is creats the right entourage with minimal expenses.



Bar with drinks

Sweet tables this year will be complemented by functional bars with drinks - alcoholic or without. In the summer, the classic version of filling the bar is lemonade; in the winter time, tea, coffee, cocoa, mulled wine. Bar - a great way to expand the range of alcoholic beverages - from beer and cocktails to whiskey - and to please the guests as much as possible. In addition, this is a great solution if you find it difficult to choose one.


Designer cakes

Cake is an integral part of the wedding concept today, one of the final icing of the celebration. So, it just can not be ordinary! Pastry confectioners amaze us with their craftsmanship - not only in the field of taste, but also in design. The trend will continue to gain momentum, and wedding cakes will even more amaze our imagination.

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At weddings it is possible to observe in two variations: a buffet table in front of a banquet and a buffet table instead of a banquet. If the first is more or less clear, the buffet as a replacement for a banquet is the latest trend. A couple of years ago, the celebration could not be imagined without a banquet, and today the idea of ​​a wedding reception is gaining momentum. Reasons - saving (on a hot dish, staff, moderator), as well as the desire to make the wedding unusual and more mobile.
In addition, the buffet table is the ideal format for an easy-going youth. During the reception, guests do not sit at the tables, but move around the hall, communicate and try all kinds of snacks, as well as drinks.


Dress code for guests

It's not just about the bridesmaids and the groom's friends. Today both newlyweds and guests understand that a wedding is a social event, and the same requirements apply to it as to any other - including the suit. Ask the guests a strict dress code black tie, semi-formal cocktail or even casual - it's up to you (it all depends on the style, venue and degree of democracy of the celebration - guests can easily come to the beach wedding in shorts and slippers). In any case, let know the guest about a dress code in your wedding invitations.