Why a wedding photshoot cost more, than ordinary photo session?

Some customers are puzzled, why can not I order wedding photographer at a more affordable price? Who cares who to photograph at the same time? But there is a difference. The implementation of wedding photography requires from the photographer a high level of skills and preparation.

During the wedding photo session, the photographer needs to demonstrate the ability to shoot all kinds of portraits: group, close-up, full-length, waist-deep. Also, the photographer must perfectly master the reporter skills in all kinds of lighting conditions: in dark rooms (church, at home, in a restaurant) or outdoors in bright sunshine.

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But this is still not enough. After all, you do not just have to shoot a reportage, you also need to conduct a staged photo shoot with your unique story and creative ideas. The customer must eventually get a photo that can be hung on the wall and admire them for years. It is a great responsibility to take such photos.


Also, the wedding photographer must have the skills of portrait retouching and color correction. To do this, he or she must have experience with the corresponding graphics packages.

The next important point is the preparation of the photographer. To cope with the tasks facing the wedding photographer, you need the appropriate equipment. It includes a professional digital camera and a set of high-speed optics. Often, it is appropriate to use two cameras (and perhaps the invitation of a second photographer-assistant) for simultaneous shooting of both large-scale and general scenes.

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In short, those are the reasons why the work of a photographer at a wedding is more expensive than with other types of shooting.